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Welcome! I am proud to introduce the concept of Periodontal Biologics. This concept has taken shape after years of study in integrative, orthomolecular and functional medicine. My education in these fields is still ongoing and will continue, as there is so much information that can be useful to us in Periodontics. As I disseminate the information and research provided for all inflammatory conditions, I am developing protocols to help treat Periodontics not only on a nonsurgical or surgical level, but also at biochemical and nutritional levels. Taking from these disciplines, it is clear that periodontal disease can also be treated with these approaches.

It is an exciting time and I can't get enough of devouring this information and applying it to the treatment of Periodontal Disease, infections of teeth and other oral conditions. While surgical treatment is needed in many situations, we can help mitigate further deterioration and help healing via these other approaches.

Periodontal disease is a rather unique entity and includes inflammation, the immune response, bacteria, viruses, fungi,  and parasites, just to name a few. Other elements that have been explored less for oral conditions include nutrient deficiencies, the microbiome, heavy metal toxicities and dietary influences. It has been known for years that there are links to diabetes, heart attack, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancers, arthritis, osteoporosis, respiratory conditions, etc. The missing link are protocols that address all of these pieces and treating them as a whole.

Join me as we move forward with cutting edge protocols for your health and happiness. We will do this together.